BoozCoin Road Map

Q1 2021

January  – Discuss the concept with investors to obtain feedback and interest levels.

February – Research any possible regulatory or licensing requirements for the project.

March – Design a whitepaper and RoadMap for the project with relevant dates and timeframes.

Q2 2021

April – Create a website, Contact us page, how to buy Booz Coin, Whitepaper, Road Map, Press Releases.

May – Create BoozCoin on the Solana Network. Code and develop the coin and register with Solana as an official coin on the SOL network.

– Enhance concept of white paper and RoadMap for the project with relevant dates and timeframes.

Test wallets and select the best wallets for investors in Booz Coin to use.

June – Create all possible social media accounts. Including a Telegram account – used to update the crypto community.

Q3 2021

July – Present website and whitepaper to investors.

August – Form Team with roles and responsibilities. Make it official.

September – Register on coin list and various crypto outlets to attract exposure within the crypto community.

Q4 2021

October – Raise internal seed funding from investors and issue promissory notes.

Recruit Marketer’s and create a marketing strategy for launching BoozCoin. 

November – Create smart contract to airdrop tokens to seed investors set with lock in periods.

December – Start marketing the Pre-ICO to the public to commence phase 1 of funding.

– Consult with attorneys to commence registration of patent and trademarks.

 – Commence issuance of press releases. 

Q1 2022

January Commence recruitment of the Booz Army and form focus group to obtain feedback from the BoozCoin Community.

Recruit Marketer’s and discuss with influencers to promote the project.

– Conduct data analytics research and perform stress tests on website to improve BoozCoins awareness.

– Release phase 1 Pre-ICO.

February – Create Videos showing buyers how to install wallets to transfer BoozCoin when their lock in periods expire. 

March – Recruit development team for BoozExchange.

Publish how to articles for investors on wallet use and coin management.

Research Legal and regulatory compliance for potential of offering phase 3 to U.S investors.

Q2 2022

April – Commence UI design for BoozExchange based on Sureholdings system. 

June – Commence development of the NFT Marketplace.

Q3 2022

July – Marketing and promotions to generate organic growth in the community. 

August Assessment of market conditions to evaluate possible listing options with the token. 

September –Commence development of an integrated industry chain trading platform.


Q4 2022

October Commence recruitment of the Booz Army and form focus group to obtain feedback from the BoozCoin Community.


Q1 2023

January –  Assessment of market conditions for listing BoozCoin on exchange platforms.

February – Initiatives to raise capital for BoozCoin on several Launchpads.

March –

– Commence development of the DeFi Staking Platform.

– Commence development of Liquidity Pools.

– Commence UI Cross Chain for SOL – ETH – USD integration.

Q2 2023

April – BoozCoin launches at $0.009 in Raydium DEX.

*In June 2022 the crypto market crash affects the project, leading to a strategic pause due to the downturn and scarcity of VC funding. The project remains on hold to preserve capital and mitigate risk during market recovery.

Q4 2023

November Begin Research and Development for BoozExchange.

December Commence development on the BoozCoin Payment System.


Q1 2024

January – Officially commence development of BoozExchange.

Q2 2024

April – Partnership with digital solutions provider, IT senior account manager, and ML Engineers for BoozExchange development to tackle encountered issues during the Research and Development phase.

May – Establish partnerships with Fine Wine and Spirits Organizations.