BoozCoin Road Map

Stage 1 Q1 2021

January  – Discuss the concept with investors to obtain feedback and interest levels.

February – Research any possible regulatory or licensing requirements for the project.

March – Design a whitepaper and RoadMap for the project with relevant dates and timeframes.

Stage 2 Q2 2021

April – Create a website, Contact us page, how to buy Booz Coin, Whitepaper, Road Map, Press Releases.

May – Create BoozCoin on the Solana Network. Code and develop the coin and register with Solana as an official coin on the SOL network.

– Enhance concept of white paper and RoadMap for the project with relevant dates and timeframes.

Test wallets and select the best wallets for investors in Booz Coin to use.

June – Create all possible social media accounts. Including a Telegram account – used to update the crypto community.

Stage 3 Q3 2021

July – Present website and whitepaper to investors.

August – Form Team with roles and responsibilities. Make it official.

September – Register on coin list and various crypto outlets to attract exposure within the crypto community.

Stage 4 Q4 2021

October – Raise internal seed funding from investors and issue promissory notes.

Recruit Marketer’s and create a marketing strategy for launching BoozCoin. 

November – Create smart contract to airdrop tokens to seed investors set with lock in periods.

December – Start marketing the Pre-ICO to the public to commence phase 1 of funding.

– Consult with attorneys to commence registration of patent and trademarks.

 – Commence issuance of press releases. 

Stage 5 Q1 2022

January Commence recruitment of the Booz Army and form focus group to obtain feedback from the BoozCoin Community.

Recruit Marketer’s and discuss with influencers to promote the project.

– Conduct data analytics research and perform stress tests on website to improve BoozCoins awareness.

– Release phase 1 Pre-ICO.

February – Create Videos showing buyers how to install wallets to transfer BoozCoin when their lock in periods expire. 

March – Recruit development team for BoozExchange.

Publish how to articles for investors on wallet use and coin management.

Research Legal and regulatory compliance for potential of offering phase 3 to U.S investors.

Stage 6 Q2 2022

April – Commence development of DeFi Staking Platform

– Commence development of Liquidity Pools.

– Commence UI design for BoozExchange based on Sureholdings system.

– Commence development on the BoozCoin Payment System.  

May – Launch Coin on all Major Exchanges.

June – Commence development of BoozExchange.

July – Commence recruitment of developers for swap Exchange Development

– Commence UI Cross Chain SOL – ETH – USDT

– Establish Partnership with Fine Wine and Spirits Organizations.

– Commence development of the NFT Marketplace.

Commence development of an integrated industry chain trading platform.

– Testing of Exchange and Cross Chain