Building a community of Crypto Investors in BoozCoin

The success of BoozCoin, like other crypto currencies, is built around the community. 

This huge potential of growing awareness quickly is recognized in our community driven program to spread BoozCoins across the globe at warp speed. 

Every ICO launching in today’s market is doing their capital raise through a lottery system.  With a maximum entry level of $500 dollars.

Booz coin works, whereby you  obtain your investment entry bonus levels from talking about BoozCoin online.  

You don’t need to recommend people to buy BoozCoin, just create conversations about it and let other people give their opinions. 

It’s the chatter that matters, nowadays online promotions are everywhere, people are generally skeptical about offers or promotions even from a friend.  The “Too good to be true” theory is commonplace in social media. 

BoozCoin is free from ownership, let the people decide on what direction it should go in.

Let people make their own mind up, just talk about BoozCoin and ask people’s opinion. See what they say. If they choose to be part of our community, that’s a bonus! 

Once you buy your BoozCoins you will need to post a simple message via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The message is simple, 

“hey friends, what do you think of this BoozCoin project?”

The more awareness our community provides, the more potential for growth in BoozCoin.

Potentially the higher and faster BoozCoin will moon! 

If everyone is doing it then we know our community can drive BoozCoin to the moon. 

Remember it’s in your interests to create awareness.  

To take on the alcohol industry, a strong community is important with hodlers of BoozCoin who want to help it grow.  There are big players in the industry who could try to slow the growth of BoozCoins success.  It should be in their interests to participate in BoozCoin due to the savings from transaction costs, but they may have other intentions. 

When you have made your initial investment and created your profile, we will take you to the next level. The form provided will assist you in the awareness campaign. It’s just a few clicks on your end.  

But hey why not tell everyone you know about BoozCoin and be part of the success story?  Don’t you want your friends and colleagues to benefit also?

Phase 1 – 500,000,000 BoozCoin = Max Contribution $500.00

Phase 2 – 1,000,000,000 BoozCoin = Max Contribution $500.00

Phase 3 – 670,000,000 BoozCoin = Max Contribution $500.00