This is your year to make money with an NFT

Presale for BoozCoin token holders.

Sign up to be part of the public sale for mint.

1.    Receive BoozCoin @ $0.002 to the value of the NFT purchased.

2.    Receive an additional 10% bonus in BoozCoins.

3.    Whitelisted for the “Fine and rare wines NFT Launch” With the most prestigious chateaux in the world. Get the opportunity to buy an NFT of an exclusive winery.

4.    Receive a free membership to for TWO years.

5.    Private Invitation to a luncheon at a prestigious Chateaux.

6.    With TWO NFTs purchased, receive a Free BoozCoin T shirt, (just pay for the shipping.)

7.    No delivery fees on selected products.

8.    Free select goodies per year or goodies at a discounted price

9.    Free Entries for Lucky draw every quarter (rewards in BoozCoin)

Why should you mint our NFT collection?

Simple. For every NFT minted you get the equivalent in BoozCoin + a 10% bonus!