If you ask a friend to invest in an ICO, 9 times out of 10 he will ask you a lot of questions.

Some you might not be able to answer.

Investing in Crypto is about doing your own research. 

“Not financial advice” is a word often used in the community.  So the message is clear and we all must do our homework to research the best projects in the crypto space that we feel are valid for potential growth and great prospects.

Rather than ask a friend to invest, just ask their advice or opinion.  “What do you think of this project? Is it something you would invest in?” 
See what they say about BoozCoin. Perhaps they will have some new ideas that you can share with the BoozCoin telegram channel.

So we made a little video to show you how it works, actually we made two, there’s one more at the bottom of this page.

Simply share your referral link from the ICO dashboard and away you go. Tell your friends they get bonus tokens if they use your link. 


If you prefer to read, here’s how it works:

If Bob uses the referral link of Alex and signs up for an account and makes a purchase of 10000 tokens.

Bob is the 1st level referral of Alex.

– Alex will receive a referral 1st level bonus of 500 tokens, and since self-referral bonus is activated.

– Bob also receives 150 tokens as bonus for his purchase of 10000 tokens.

– Now if Peter signs up using the referral link to Bob,

– Then Peter is first level referral to Bob and 2nd level referral to Alex.

– If Peter makes a purchase of 10000 tokens,

– then Bob receives a referral first level bonus of 500 tokens

– and Alex receives a referral 2nd level bonus of 200 tokens (2% of the tokens received by Bob)

– and Peter will receive a self-referral bonus of 100 tokens for his own purchase of 10000 tokens.

Grab your referral link from the ICO dashboard at ICO.boozcoin.com