Taking on the $1.5 trillion alcohol industry

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Dubbed as “The new Amazon for alcohol” – BoozExchange has the opportunity to turn the $1.5 Trillion Dollar alcohol industry onto its head.

September 5, 2021 08:30 AM Pacific Time
Charlestown, Nevis & St Kitts. BoozCoin DAO LLC, the developer of BoozCoin, the first cryptocurrency for the alcohol market, announces the BoozCoin token’s official creation on the Solana Blockchain.
“Crypto takes on the $1.3 Trillion alcohol industry.”

“Solana was chosen as it is a scalable and robust blockchain that can handle the volumes necessary to address the size of the Alcohol industry. With the blockchain in place and our BoozExchange search portal, we will democratize the alcohol industry by helping small wineries and distillers to address the global market and the opportunity for ordinary consumers to find the drink they want at the lowest cost; through a transparent logistics network”, said Jatoshi Creator of BoozCoin DAO LLC. He added that “BoozCoin reduces costs by saving on foreign exchange, bank costs and speeds up the payment process for the seller.”

The opportunity for BoozCoin and the exchange is enormous as the Statista Consumer Market Outlook estimates that by 2025 the global market size of alcoholic beverages will increase to over 2.2 trillion U.S. dollars.


Part of the BoozCoin awareness campaign is to reach out to major Hotel and restaurant chains as well as airlines to encourage the adoption of BoozCoins. We foresee that virtually any Food and Beverage location can benefit from using BoozCoins.

Enter BoozCoin….

About BoozCoin

The mission is to open up the wine and spirits market and allow anybody to buy the Booz they want from the supplier who has it at the best price with minimal exchange fees and additional costs and, be sure the bottle is genuine. This will benefit general consumers and support smaller regional growers/distillers who have restricted access to the international mass market. Please visit https://boozcoin.com/about-boozcoin/

About BoozExchange

The “BoozExchange” offers a base for BoozCoins to begin it’s growth. But it will not be the only place for BoozCoin. The goal is that BoozCoin  becomes an accepted method of payment for the wine and spirits market  internationally and for food and beverage outlets.
Please visit https://boozexchange.com/

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