BoozExchange – Patent released to US Patent office for approval

Boozcoin – The Challenge to the Moon

Dubbed as “The new Amazon for alcohol” – BoozExchange has the opportunity to turn the $1.5 Trillion Dollar alcohol industry onto its head.

March 31, 2023 08:30 AM Pacific Time
March 30th, 2023 Charlestown, Nevis, and St. Kitts. BoozDAO LLC, the developer of BoozCoin and BoozExchange provides an update on the progress to achieve a Patent
BoozExchange – Patent released to US Patent office for approval

The Company is pleased to announce that through our Californian Patent Attorneys PLAGER SCHACK LLP we have released our full patent to the US Patent Office for review.

Our lawyers have identified that we appear to have a unique embodiment of the following inventions:

1. By using the analytics and real-time product availability and price information from BoozExchange, we allow buyers to find the right sellers, perform the transaction on the blockchain, and in the process reduce costs.

2. Record transactions on the blockchain of rare wines to ensure authenticity

3. Manage NFTs issued for virtual high-value products issued by the producers

4. Provide a training system to help users to understand how to trade in alcoholic beverages and provide a game element with rewards for top performers

Jatoshi - Creator of BoozDao LLC, developers of BoozCoin and the BoozExchange said “The benefit of the patent is that investors can feel confident that investing in BoozCoin is investing in a unique concept which is capable of turning the 1.3 Trillion dollar alcohol industry on its head.”


About BoozCoin

The mission is to open up the wine and spirits market and allow anybody to buy the Booz they want from the supplier who has it at the best price with minimal exchange fees and additional costs and, be sure the bottle is genuine. This will benefit general consumers and support smaller regional growers / distillers who have restricted access to the international mass market. Please visit

About BoozExchange

The “BoozExchange” offers a base for BoozCoins to begin it’s growth. But it will not be the only place for BoozCoin. The goal is that BoozCoin  becomes an accepted method of payment for the wine and spirits market  internationally and for food and beverage outlets.
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