BoozCoin – Progress to date and road map

Boozcoin – The Challenge to the Moon

Dubbed as “The new Amazon for alcohol” – BoozExchange has the opportunity to turn the $1.5 Trillion Dollar alcohol industry onto its head.

July 15, 2022 08:30 AM Pacific Time
Charlestown, Nevis & St Kitts. Booz DAO LLC, the developer of BoozCoin and the BoozExchange provides an update on the Company’s road map.
BoozCoin - Progress to date and road map!

Jatoshi - Creator of BoozDao LLC, developers of BoozCoin and the BoozExchange said “Since January we are pleased to announce that we have:

- Raised over $470,000 and completed phase 1 of the ICO
- Signed up over 11,500 folks to the BoozArmy
- Appointed a new marketing company, BlockSultancy to advise on our marketing and fundraising
- Rebranded the website and refreshed the whitepaper
- Have patents in process for the BoozExchange and BoozCoin process
- Acquired the website, to reduce the scam attacks we have been suffering from
- Started development of the BoozExchange using PixeltreeMedia
- Developed 3333 unique BoozCoin images as NFTs which are ready to launch.

Jatoshi continued: “These are all very positive developments however, in spite of our enthusiasm to launch the NFT and employ a launch pad to raise additional funds, we have been advised to wait for a couple of months until the crypto market stabilises before moving onto an exchange.

This is very disappointing but we are advised that a hesitant launch will devalue our brand and reduce the ultimate value of BoozCoin”

While pausing on the launch we are actively:
- Focusing on building more engagement in the Discord channel
- Developing the BoozExchange so we can hit the road running in September
- Reaching out to potential commercial partners to act as early adopters for the BoozExchange. We are talking to major European wine shippers about becoming part of the ecosystem
- Our founder is visiting Bordeaux in August to discuss with the premier Chateaux in the world how we can create NFT’s for them and bring their products into the BoozExchange platform
- Marketing to specialist venture capitalists the opportunity that BoozCoin can offer.

Jatoshi called on help from the BoozArmy: “What can you do to help grow BoozCoin? Why not approach your friends and introduce them to BoozCoin. The phase 2 pre-ico is still open and offers extraordinary value to early investors. We are sending out a series of surveys to get your input on how we can pump up BoozCoin. Please take the time to give us your feedback. We are focusing more on Discord, so please keep monitoring this channel and let us have your thoughts on how we can pump up BoozCoin.

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About BoozCoin

The mission is to open up the wine and spirits market and allow anybody to buy the Booz they want from the supplier who has it at the best price with minimal exchange fees and additional costs and, be sure the bottle is genuine. This will benefit general consumers and support smaller regional growers / distillers who have restricted access to the international mass market. Please visit

About BoozExchange

The “BoozExchange” offers a base for BoozCoins to begin it’s growth. But it will not be the only place for BoozCoin. The goal is that BoozCoin  becomes an accepted method of payment for the wine and spirits market  internationally and for food and beverage outlets.
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