Advancing AI Search: Finalizing Development Team Selection for Machine Learning

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Dubbed as “The new Amazon for alcohol” – BoozExchange has the opportunity to turn the $1.5 Trillion Dollar alcohol industry onto its head.

December 18, 2023 08:30 AM Pacific Time
The developer provides an update on the progress of BoozExchange.
Strategic Progress Update: Nearing the Final Stages of AI Search Development Team Selection and Ready to Embark on Coding Phase

We have conducted interviews with a total of 4 development teams for the implementation of the AI search functionality, and we are on the verge of completing this assessment. There are 2 more teams in line for interviews, and once these sessions are concluded, we will be in a position to finalize the selection of the team that will be tasked with developing the AI-powered search.

Throughout this process, we have thoroughly evaluated 20 candidates, ensuring that we have a diverse pool of talent to draw from. This approach provides us with a consistent and reliable backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstances or changes in the development teams.

Our next step involves initiating the coding phase, and we are eager to commence this stage promptly. However, the actual coding will kick off once we have successfully confirmed the contract with the chosen development team. We are committed to ensuring that we engage the right team to address the complexities of implementing an AI-powered search solution and look forward to progressing swiftly once the team is officially onboarded.

BoozExchange, powered by Sure Holdings, combines advanced AI and comprehensive data analytics to revolutionize the global alcohol market. With a primary focus on fine wines, we gather data from reputable wine merchants worldwide, providing an extensive selection of bottle and case offerings in various formats.

To take our platform to the next level, we’re currently in the process of hiring a new team of talented developers. Their mission? To integrate cutting-edge AI technology into BoozExchange, making your experience even more enjoyable, easy-to-navigate, and in-line with the latest digital trends specifically in the alcohol industry.

This AI-driven system not only enhances your trading experience but also provides detailed data analytics, pivot points, and insightful charts. With these tools at your disposal, you can easily identify the best price per case/format, understand historical pricing trends, and check product availability.

Merchants aren’t left behind in this digital revolution either. Our user-friendly UI module allows for easy loading of price lists, ensuring smooth integration into the platform.

The rise of BoozCoin is central to our vision for BoozExchange. Investing in BoozCoin allows us to expand our reach, opening up new trading opportunities and catering to the mass market. The funds raised will also drive a comprehensive social media campaign, boosting global awareness of BoozExchange.

BoozCoin represents a true decentralization, independent of any government or corporate control. By eliminating third-party involvement, we’re able to offer unparalleled benefits to hodlers, putting power directly in your hands.

Join us on BoozExchange, where the efficiency of AI meets the excitement of alcohol trading, all harnessed by the potential of BoozCoin. We’re embarking on a thrilling new era of possibilities and can’t wait for you to be part of it.


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